How does an Electricity Forum webinar work?

When you register for an Electricity Forum live online webinar or training course, you'll have to take the following steps:

Step One: Webinar registration

You will receive an email or be directed to a landing page with a link to register for the webinar. After you complete the form with your details, you will receive a "Thank you for Registering" page, confirming your registration.

Step Two: Webinar confirmation email

After you enter your registration details, a confirmation email will be sent to you; this will have a link to register for the webinar. It will also include any information you need about what software you are required to download.

Step Three: Technical requirements

To participate in an Electricity Forum webinar, you will need:

  • The webinar registration page
  • An email with the link to participate
  • A stable internet connection and enough data to stream 30-90 minutes of live video
  • Speakers (the audio kind!)
  • Headphones if joining the webinar from a public place
  • Any required software (if required)

If needed, download any software required. The registration confirmation email should alert you to anything you need and give you the ability to test your computer.

Webinar email reminder

You will often receive an email reminder with the webinar link; these are usually sent the day before or day of the event.

Step Five: Join the live webinar

At the predetermined time and date, use the webinar link to join the event. (If you are in an office, remember to have your headphones ready!)


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