What are the advantages of organizing a webinar?

So, why are people attending and hosting webinars? As discussed in the elements of a webinar section of this article, there are several advantages that may be considered.

Top webinar advantages:

  • Educational
  • On-demand availability
  • Access from anywhere
  • Low-cost (or free)
  • Surveys and polls: Interactive data and content
  • Serve business marketing goals

Let's examine each of these six webinar advantages.

1. Educational

Yes, webinars are educational. More and more training and educational organizations are including online training as a component of their overall training outreach. When you organize and deliver a well-executed webinar, students will have better learning outcomes that allow them to execute their jobs with more efficiency. That alone is a reason to tune in! Also, webinars are a relatively low-risk form of education.

Companies who host webinars can use this educational element as a way to help to increase brand awareness and improve customer relationships, especially when they have a well-known presenter.

2. On-demand availability

One of the biggest advantages of webinars is that people can watch recorded webinars "on-demand". These days, many webinar platforms provide this functionality.

People have deadlines or scheduling conflicts commitments that means they can't attend a live webinar event. But if they register for your event and can't attend, they will still receive an email with a link to watch the webinar "on demand" at their convenience.

3. Access from anywhere

On-demand webinars can be accessed and watched from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the on-demand benefit of webinars, the advantage of remote access applies to customers in different time zones, too.

For companies creating and promoting webinars, they can share their content with customers, wherever they are located.

4. Low-cost (or free)

Many webinars are low cost or free!

Many companies will charge a nominal fee to register for their webinars. This is a way to boost attendance on the webinar day. When webinars are conducted as a marketing strategy, however, fees can be seen as a prohibitive barrier.

5. Surveys and polls: Interactive data and content

Surveys and polls keep attendees engaged and interested. When students are asked a question in a webinar, they wait to see the results, wondering how their answer compares with other students.

But this webinar platform feature presents another advantage: Questions and polls are creating course content and the information can also help to develop new content, based on live market research data that a company is collecting.

Adapting original research into webinar content development is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your content and at the same time help companies develop content that is market driven. Nine out of 10 companies find it to be a successful approach to content development.

6. Serve business marketing goals

Most companies are discovering the benefits of educating their existing clients and potential customers. The webinar can be a powerful marketing tool that helps to build relationships by providing useful information that customers are seeking and need and can utilize.

Companies that host webinars can R.E.A.P extensive benefits.

  • Reinforce your company brand name awareness
  • Expose your products and services
  • Attract people to your website
  • Prospect for new business

Developing webinars also gives your company another reason to interact with customers and for customers and potential customers to engage with your company on a meaningful level.

Webinar product announcements give your company another way to let customers know you've improved the products you have and allow you to introduce new products into the marketplace.

Also, instead of contacting customers to just promote or advertise your product, you can also promote the webinar and engage with them another way. Marketing is all about customer engagement.


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