How To Turn Your Webinar Into a Sales Lead Magnet

What is a webinar?

A Webinar (web seminar) is a video presentation, workshop or lecture hosted online, usually via webinar software. Webinars are usually live, interactive between a presenter and several participants, business-related and allow you to share your knowledge with both existing and potential customers.

Webinars are a highly interactive form of B2C and B2B marketing and can be used as a relationship-building or authority-building strategy. The possibilities are as endless and ideas and the effort to present them. Companies can even use live webinars for internal team meetings, especially if participants are part of a remote team.

Webinar development and execution is much easier than organizing a seminar or lecture in one location where everyone attends in person. This is because you don't need to have a physical venue to host a large number of attendees. You can invite people from all around the globe, meet in real-time, and if they can't participate live, you can record the webinar and send them the recording later.

What is Webinar Marketing?

Webinar marketing is using an online seminar (either live or recorded) to connect with an audience or existing and potential clients in order to promote your business.

The term "webinar" comes from the words "web seminar".

Most marketing webinars are lead generation tools that provide free, valuable information in the hope that participants will see the need to upgrade to paid products or services offered by that company. Webinars are a different kind of lead magnet, with the potential to offer even more value and better leads than a downloadable checklist or ebook.

Webinars usually consist of a presentation followed by a Q&A session. Because they are a visual medium, webinars can help presenters connect quickly with participants. Most people will also grasp the information faster than if it's just written down.

Companies use webinar marketing to:

  • Demonstrate products and services
  • Expand on content published in a blog post
  • Showcase their expertise

What are the benefits of Webinar Marketing?

There are several benefits of webinar marketing to your company:

  • Customer Relationship Building: Effective marketing is synonymous with relationship building and every effort you make toward creating and developing quality relationships with existing and potential customers can lead to increased sales.
  • Customer Relationship Building: Effective marketing is synonymous with relationship building and every effort you make toward creating and developing quality relationships with existing and potential customers can lead to increased sales.
  • Branding: The Webinar you deliver allows you numerous branding opportunities. Webinars help to build brand awareness and set the brand voice.
  • Build Authority: Webinars establish you as a subject matter expert, a trustworthy and reliable source of quality information in your industry. You can share your expertise with your target market. You can personally provide solutions to their problems, which can answer questions about your product.
  • Marketing Funnel: By registering for your webinar, people are demonstrating they have an expressed interest in what you are offering. In effect, they become qualified marketing leads, making it easier to nurture and convert them into qualified sales leads.
  • List Development: A webinar helps you build a marketing list. Every registered person is a new contact in your database.
  • Webinar Library: If you record your webinar, it can serve as valuable content that can be viewed later by your prospects. You can build a webinar library on your website.
  • Training: Webinars can help you train customers and new employees in an engaging.

Types of Webinars That Can Be Marketed

1. Educational

The Webinar is one of the most effective ways to educate your audience on the subject on which you are an expert. Customer education is a powerful way to build a relationship founded on trust. Education is a mutual benefit. The customer gets to learn important information that is a benefit to them, and your company benefits from being an authority that customers and potential customers can trust.

2. Product webinars

If you have a great product that you want to showcase to a lot of people, use the webinar product webinar to reach and teach participants. You can make a detailed product presentation, including every detail, answer questions and presenting an offer to purchase. While running a product webinar, you're educating your webinar participants (customers and potential customers) and at the same time attracting their attention to specific details. You are also able to nurture your sales leads and even convert them into actual sales. The webinar tool also allows you to survey customers and get feedback about your product, which in turn allows you to make important refinements to your product development and pricing.

3. Customer onboarding

If your company is offering (for instance) software, you can benefit from a customer onboarding webinar. Invite new customers to participate in an onboarding webinar that you run once a month. You can deliver these customer orientation or onboarding webinars making use of a screen sharing option that allows for more structured learning.

4. Employee training and team meetings

Your company can develop and deliver webinars for team meetings and training your employees when you have a remote team, or a team too big to fit into a room together.

5. Lead generation and list building

When you promote your webinar across different channels, focus on one persona that you'd like to attract. When they register, they will trust you with their email address, and that's the starting point. You'll gain valuable and interesting leads you can follow up with, and nurture them into conversion later. You can also host paid and free webinars with the help of marketing funnels.

6. Customer retention and nurturing

Webinars are a great to attract new people to your brand, but they are also great for nurturing and retaining existing customers. Improving personal relationships with your customers is key to keep them coming back. Customers can keep track of your newest products and announcements.

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